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26 March 2016 @ 12:23 am
I will watch shinhwa concert again tomorrow with my good friend :D
finally we can watch it together after waiting in 8 years lol
and trying get two exchange ticket from another shincang fans that couldnt watch the concert was so exhausting...
made me wonder if i try buying arashi ticket from another fans it will be more insane :P

and i wanna buy casa brutus with discount price becase sho looked pretty
and the house looked interesting,,,but i broke this month..sigh

and spring is coming to seoul although the weather got so chilly in two days i ended up buying new coat as i only wore sweater and jeans jacket.. lol
here goes my money again
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06 October 2015 @ 01:27 am
so this post should be an review of Shinhwa 17th anniversary concert and the encore WE concert..
but as i keep my procrastinating self coming i couldnt write it lol
and i dont know where i save the picture i took at the march concert although i went the both days..
i only remember i can see them looking at me an alien among korean girls :D

another bad news i couldnt come to the encore concert because my office trip :((
06 August 2014 @ 06:06 am
Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H
Taqaballahu minna wa minkum taqabbal ya kareem
hope we can be a better person and can meet the next ramadhan :D
I know I'm late lol but the connection is damn slowly in my home so I just spent my time not in front of my laptop :D and i just realized how i missed it :D
And celebrating Eid with my family meant travelling a lot with my family to visit my grandma and relatives and family gatherings, and if i say family gathering it would be very big family gathering with many distant relatives that i dont even remember their faces or names Lol. maybe it is the 'perks' living abroad :P
and my mom still insisted for wearing same themed clothes for us though me and my sister always refused at first but we ended up wearing it since she made it by herself :)
and the real perks of Eid is food galore hoho, i even couldnt count how many times i ate for the first day of Eid, and it just for the first day. but it was the result visiting a lot of home so it was rude to not eat or to resist the special food cooked usually with coconut milk, lot of chilies and spices and must be prepared in long hours or you can say the special high calories food XD. and its not only the food, I ate a lot of snack and cookies too as you seldom find it outside of Eid :D. In the second day while staying in my grandma's place, i ate more lol so i gained lot of weight XD although i thought i already loss few kilos at ramadhan but i gained more at Eid. XD
Being in home also makes me wonder why mosquito must be exist..ugh i hate them...it looks like i became their blood donnor :(
And the slow connection also resulted in I was late for watching Love DVD..ugh...i already wait for long time but when the time was come i forgot about it..and it ended up I staying at night for watching it since the connection is better (seriously it's like prostitute :P )
I can say I really like LOVE concert...Matsujun you are really genius XD
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It is my first time writing a fan report but it already had even passed 2 weeks after the concert #sigh. My only regret was why I didnt write the report right away after it was finished hence I already forget most of the part of the concert.

I've already known shinhwa since 2007 and became their fans right away but I couldn't got any chance at all to attended their 14th and 15th anniversary concert so how happy I was when I knew I could finally went to their concert as I was free that day. Although nowadays I don't follow them tremendously like before as I don't have much spare time and spent most of it to my another love Arashi instead XD. Btw I only could booked the ticket 3 days before the concert and only could went to the last day concert as I had an appointment at the first day concert.
[The concert]

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[Pictures and fancam]

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I'm so sorry if there is any mistake I made when making this report as I forget some of the detailed of the concert

And for the next concert I hope they will challenge themselves more like fountain or moving stage in their show :D probably like this #evillaugh

so we can see wet shinhwa at concert XD

Thanks for reading

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22 August 2011 @ 07:48 pm
the result of my ignorance, i must move to another dormitory..
lesson learned today: dont ever to try changing the room number or the room type in the dorm application..
i actually dont mind to move, but its still ramadhan, and i will become more exhausted, (mule manja )
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22 August 2011 @ 07:15 pm
hello this is my another blog or web or whatever u wanna say it,,
this LJ actually like my 123 blog (sarcasm :P) that i already have, 
since i prefer to write in FB note, this LJ is not my main blog but i try to write it here hoho
let's see how long it will last :P
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